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NBDC Objectives Fiscal Year 2004/2005

I. Present and Implement the North Beach Master Plan
(NBDC, City of Miami Beach, MBCDC, Miami-Dade County)

II. Expand Tourism Development/Quality of Life/Marketing Plan
(Quality of Life/Promotion Committees)

III. Fifteen (15) Facade Improvement Projects in North Beach Commercial Areas (Capital Improvements)

IV. Complete Phase 2 Byron Carlyle/Program the Space
(Arts in North Beach Committee/City of Miami Beach)

V. Resolution of Altos Del Mar Lots/Park Issues
(Capital Improvements)

VI. Successful MiMo Apartment Building “Retrofit” Projects
(Housing & Residential)

VII. Improved City Services to North Beach area
(Housing & Residential/Commerce & Business)

VIII. Find Office Rehearsal Space for Additional Arts Groups
(Arts in North Beach Committee)

IX. Increased Success of “Year in the Life” of North Beach – Special Events (Promotion & Marketing)

X. Increased Business Participation in NBDC Activities/Events
(Business & Commerce)

XI. Increased membership/community participation in all NBDC Activities (Board, Committees, Staff)

XII. *Continue to diversify funding strategies to make NBDC one of the most innovative community development efforts in the nation.