Programs / Activities

Programs and Activities

NBDC was formed in 1988. In 1990, NBDC set up a town center headquarters for people to gather information about North Beach opportunities and community resources. This became an effective way for the organization to assist the community with a Master Plan that addresses conservation districts, transportation, and smart growth development. Its central location gives interested parties access to information about North Beach.

NBDC manages a website launched in 1997, where information on existing businesses, neighborhoods and general interest in North Beach can be obtained. It emphasizes the positive results revitalization can have on commercial and residential neighborhoods.

In 1995, NBDC implemented a façade grant program for the area. In 1999 NBDC hired off duty police officers to patrol the area. Both these programs have encouraged tourism and reinvestment in the area.

In 2000 NBDC created the Arts in North Beach, Capital Improvement, Residential, and Business Forum, and Marketing & Promotion Committees. These committees meet once a month and problem share, to work towards resolutions that are compatible with the area. These committees are an important part of NBDC representing the area in a fair and impartial manner.

Also in 2000, NBDC partnered with the city to purchase and renovate the Byron Carlyle theatre into a cultural arts center.

In February 2001, NBDC launched Teen Job Corps, made up of local teachers and concerned parents. The Teen Job Corps began implementing job programs for at-risk area kids. These teens are learning how to run a business, helping with area cleanup, and working for local restaurants and businesses.

NBDC conducts the annual Miami Beach Festival of the Arts, North Beach Dance Festival, Art & Culture nights, Wise Women Weekend, Triathlon, tours, lectures and many other events, which create excitement for the area. These events and others are run by a small staff and many volunteers, events take place throughout the year, and are instrumental in bringing potential home/business owners to North Beach. They create awareness of NBDC, the City, and the wonderful diverse culture that is unique to Miami Beach.